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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

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With so many links between learning disorders and what kids eat, parents may need a bit of support in coming up with healthy lunches for their kids. Next time you’re stuck for ideas for your kids lunches, try one of these delicious and nutritious lunches.

  • Cooked wild salmon, hummus and cucumber on gluten-free or rye bread.
  • Organic chicken breast slices, olives and vegetable sticks with tzatziki &/or hummus dip.
  • Wholemeal pitta bread lined with mustard and stuffed with sesame seasoned tuna, alfalfa sprouts and cherry tomatoes.
  • Turkey slices, cranberry sauce and potato nuggets lightly seasoned with olive oil and mustard and garden herbs.
  • Seasoned boiled egg slices, avocado, tomatoes, olives and cucumbers.
  • Quinoa salad with a side of prawns.
  • Steamed beet wedges, slices of orange & red peppers, asparagus sticks and smoked salmon.
  • Salmon cakes: Homemade or canned salmon mixed with mashed potatoes and herbs with a green beans.
  • Almond butter & jelly sandwich: An easy twist from the original by using gluten-free bread, almond or cashew butter and a high quality jam that’s low in sugar.

There are lots of nutritious options for kids that don’t need to be hard to make. Usually dinners from previous nights make great left overs or additions to lunches to cut down on prep time.

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