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Nutrition Consultations

To speak with a Holistic Nutritionist and learn more about how food affects your well being, sign up for an appointment. We are available in person in Kelowna, BC, or anywhere in the world via FaceTime or Telegram.

If you would like to learn more about the process, please contact us to book a complimentary 15 minute appointment. Moving forward, there are a few ways we can work together:

Nutrition Consultations
If you have specific questions about nutrition, need clarification on something you read or heard in the news or would like information on a particular topic – half & hourly appointments are the best options.Different topics include: nutrition for babies, raising healthy kids, pregnancy, nutrition for cancers, athletic performance, menopause, allergies, respiratory challenges, overcoming addictions or eating disorders. There are endless reasons and areas that nutrition can help. More topics…The best way to improve your health is to learn new tips over time. With the 5 session package, you’ll have time to implement new practices before learning additional strategies.
$65.00 CAD
Custom Evaluations | Comprehensive Nutritional Plan: A nutritional work-up will determine what your unique needs are so that we can create a customized plan for bringing your body back into balance. Day 1 will be an intake to learn what your symptoms are and your health issues. Day 2 we will review the custom program that’s been developed to address your health concerns. Day 3 & 4 are follow up sessions to answer questions and provide next steps to reach your health goals.This package includes the initial intake, analysis of your 5 day food log, program development, program dissemination and 2 half hour follow-up sessions. $120.00 CAD
Kitchen Clean Up: Which includes a 30 minute Q &A session about your family’s likes/dislikes, allergies, special diet and a 3 hour home visit to sort, stock and organize your kitchen (fridge and pantry) and come up with a weekly menu plan designed for you and your family $150 CAN
Nutrition Kick Start & Grocery Store Tour: This session is designed for non-cooks & people who may not know a lot about nutrition – it’s a great start towards your health goals.Get help in choosing which foods to buy at the grocery store and some simple recipes that will help improve your eating habits. This 3 hour session will take us to the grocery store to look at a variety of foods explaining why some are better than others, learn what various ingredients mean and what influences food’s quality.These sessions tend to be very interactive – you will learn all kinds of tips & tricks about food. At the store, we’ll decide which recipes we will make (based on your preferences, don’t worry, I have lots of ideas!) and purchase the items required for them. Cost of food not included.


In your home we will prepare a few small dishes & snacks that are easy and nourishing. We will chat about how food preparation can make a difference in how food nourishes you and best practices for getting the most out of your meals and cooking efforts – saving you time & money!


$175.00 CAD
Diet Plans: Do you need help with a specific diet plan outlining what to eat, when and how much? $40–80.00 CAD

Appointments available in person, phone or via FaceTime or Telegram.

What We Work On

Nutrition can play a significant role in your every day experience. The following symptoms are common but not “normal”.

Low energy Sexual dysfunction
Blood sugar issues Circulatory challenges
Bloating / gas constipation Excessive weight
Bad skin / complexion Bags under eyes
Sugar, bread & alcohol cravings Difficulty with digestion
Allergies Poor concentration and memory
Mood swings PMS and menopausal symptoms
Feeling low, anxiety and irritability Difficulty sleeping
Brittle hair or nails Excessive mucous

With a custom evaluation I will be using your symptoms as a road map for what is taking place inside your body. Changes in diet can help balance the body so that symptoms subside.

Areas of interest

What’s important to you right now? Consultations can focus on any of the following life style or life stages (and more!).

Athletes – Peak Performance

Proper nutrition is more than a training necessity, it’s the pro’s secret weapon, and it could be the performance hurdle that’s holding you back.

Designed for those in intensive training. You are likely lean and need to ensure you get enough food, and the right food, for power and performance. We will take a look at what might be hindering your performance and additional energy enhancers.

Active individuals, Sports Enthusiasts & Fitness Divas

Learn to support your exercise regime by feeding your body what it needs to gain & maintain energy and stamina. If you are newer to workouts and losing weight, you will be hungrier and toxins stored in your fat will be released into your bloodstream. Learn what foods help eliminate the toxins and how to plan ahead so that when hunger strikes, you aren’t left snacking on junk food.

Weight Loss

Low fat diets can make you hungrier and more prone to binge eating. Of course excessive high fat consumption is not bound to be healthy either. In this program we focus on food quality, including the importance of quality fats in the diet. Learn how to loose weight in a healthy way and create life long eating and lifestyle factors so the weight stays off.

Pregnant & New Mothers

When you are pregnant or nursing what you eat has a direct impact on your child. They need a lot of good quality fats and a plethora of essential nutrients to ensure proper growth of cells, organs and brain tissues. There are many foods that help and hinder proper child development and even babies can develop allergies to things you are consuming. This program looks at what the mother is consuming and how that might influence her baby.

Stress Management

Stress slows down your digestive system’s ability to function and undigested food can damage intestines, create nutrient debt, gas, bloating, GERD and many other health challenges. A full nutritional workup allows us to see how stress might be affecting you internally and tools are provided for managing not only stress, but any damage that may have already ensued.

Blood Sugar Balancing

I struggled for years with yo yo energy levels. Throughout my own program I learned which foods were contributing to this effect and how to create consistent blood sugar levels throughout the day. In this program you will learn about Glycemix Loads, Glycemix Indices, how insulin works and food quality as it relates to your blood sugar.

Ageing & Strong Bones

Ageing comes with it’s own challenges including the body’s decreased ability to absorb the nutrients it needs to function effectively. Learn what could be contributing to nutrient debt, what could be leaching calcium from your system, all foods that contain high levels of calcium and how to maintain vitality throughout your life.

Chronic Illnesses & Conditions

Learn what foods can support and nourish you after a diagnosis of any of the following:

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Adult Attention Deficit ± Hyperactivity Disorder
Alzheimer’s Disease
Chronic fatigue
Heart disease
Atherosclerosis (arterial cholesterol plaques)
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis
Diabetes Mellitus
Peri-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
Chronic urinary tract infection