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Raw Organic Non-Irradiated Nuts & Seeds

NEW: lower prices on gogi berries, macadamias, dulse & sunflower seeds

Raw organic non-irradiated nuts & seeds are not easy to find! I’ve asked at several stores and only a few exist. I decided to purchase through an independent supplier dedicated to sourcing ethically grown and non-processed nuts and seeds.

Many foods coming across the border are irradiated to kill bacteria that might be growing on them. It can also kill beneficial enzymes, 5-80% of vitamins are lost, breaks up molecules creating free radicals etc. It’s a personal choice on whether you prefer irradiated or non-irradiated foods.

They are raw in that they aren’t dried at temperatures any higher than 106F – most lower or no heating at all. This helps preserve all the beneficial enzymes that come with these foods for digestion.

Most of the products below are certified organic and the remaining are organic but not certified. There are even a few sprouted items which produce even more beneficial enzymes and nutrients.

Below is a list of the foods available along with their prices. Details about each product are at the bottom. These items aren’t taxed ie. the price you see, is what you will pay. The next order dates are:

Sept 25
Oct 23
Nov 20

To place an order – Vancouver or Nanaimo:
If you live in Vancouver or Nanaimo & want to pick up your order, simply email with the items and quantity you would like from below. I place the bulk orders to my suppliers on the “order date” and shipments arrive about 3-4 days later. I will then email you when your order is ready for pick up. My pick up locations are:

401 – 1305 W12th, Vancouver or
129 Lakeview Cres, Nanaimo

To place an order – Rest of BC & Canada:
If you live elsewhere in BC or the rest of Canada, please order through my new online store at www.nuthut.ca which facilitates shipping quotes with Canada Post & can be processed via credit card.

Common Questions:
Yes, I can still ship to you if you live in Vancouver.
No, I unfortunately can not send anything to the US or other countries.

Available Nuts & Seeds:

Product 1lb bag 5lb bag
Almonds $12.50 $55.00
Almonds – Sprouted $17.50 $83.00
Almonds – Sprouted Tamari Flavoured $19.50 $92.50
Brazil Nuts $14.25
Cacao Nibs $16.50
Cashews $17.50 $82.50
Chia Seeds $15.50
Goji Berries $20.00 $95.00
Granola $15.00 $70.00
Hazelnuts $14.00 $65.00
Hazelnuts – Sprouted $18.00 $85.00
Hemp Nuts $13.00 $60.00
Macadamia $21.00 $100.00
Pecans $17.50
Pecans Sprouted $23.50
Pistachio Kernels $22.00
Pumpkin Seeds $12.00 $56.00
Pumpkin Seeds – Sprouted $17.00  $80.00
Sprouting Seeds 1/2lb bag $8.00
Sunflower Seeds $7.00  $30.00
Walnuts $15.50 $72.50
Walnuts – Sprouted $19.00  $89.50
Dulce Flakes 1/4lb bag $7.00

Details Regarding Each Product:

Almonds – Butte/Padre

raw Almonds
Unpasteurized, Certified Organic. Flavourful and smallish from hard shelled varieties Butte/Padre. From family farm in Italy. Certified Organic.

Almonds – Sprouted

raw Almonds
Soaked for about 24 hrs to activate enzymes and redried at low temperature. Flavourful and smallish from hard shelled varieties Butte/Padre. From family farm in Italy. Unpasteurized, Certified Organic. Makes excellent nutmilk.

Almonds – Tamari Flavoured & Sprouted

raw Almonds
Soaked for about 24 hrs to activate enzymes and redried at low temperature. Same great almonds as above but with tamari flavouring that is organic & gluten free.

Brazil Nuts


From wild trees in the amazonian forests of South America. Shipped and stored in vacuum packaging and kept cool to preserve freshness. In addition to the nutrient-dense properties found in all nuts, brazils are also rich in selenium, a powerful antioxidant. Keep cool. Certified Organic, unpasteurized

Cacao Nibs

100% Arriba Nacional Variety fermented for excellent chocolate flavour. Use for making chocolate treats or smoothies. Certified Organic and unheated


Truly Raw, Certified Organic from Indonesia
Cashews are usually heated in the shelling process, these are not. Keep cool.
Truly Raw & Cold Processed Cashews.
Every Nut is HAND CRACKED!
No heat is ever applied.

Chia Seeds

The chia seed was eaten by the Aztecs for strength and endurance and was a main staple food along with corn and beans. 100% pure chia seeds , vegan, gluten-free and raw. The Certified Organic from Peru.

Goji Berries

Very High in Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, and 19 Amino Acids. Tested for impurities. Certified Organic from Northern China.

Granola – Raw

raw granola
This is homemade granola using a recipe I’ve been making for years! I eat this granola almost every day with berries and either yogurt or almond milk. Ingredients:
Oats – organic
Honey – unpasteurized and as organic as honey can be…
Coconut oil – organic
Sunflower seeds – raw, organic, non-irradiated
Almonds – raw, organic, non-irradiated
Pumpkin seeds – raw, organic, non-irradiated
Pecans – raw, organic, non-irradiated


Dried and shelled without added heat. Certified Organic, grown here in BC

Hazelnuts – Sprouted

Soaked for about 24 hrs to activate enzymes and redried at low temperature. Certified Organic, grown here in BC

Hemp Nuts

The shelf life of this hemp is very long due to its low moisture content and is not prone to go rancid. From Saskatchewan and is Certified organic.

Macadamia Nuts

These Hawaiian macadamia nuts are the freshest and taste great due to a unique process where they are dried without heating and shelled right after harvest. This insures quality and enhances sweetness and shelf life. Grown without pesticides.

It is difficult to overeat with raw Macadamia Nuts, their enzymes “signal” to the brain to stop eating. People experience this phenomena as: munching with full appetite and suddenly feel they taste “different”.


From wild, very old trees in Missouri. Untouched by pesticides, herbicides or any other cides. The earliest european settlers would have eaten from these trees. Small and sweet; in taste tests most choose this pecan over the bigger hybrid varieties. Higher in omega-3 oils than other pecans. Almost all pecans are put in 180F water for 20 minutes before shelling. We have had these nuts dried to very low moisture content to preserve freshness. Keep cool. These are shelled without heat. Certified organic.

Pistachio Kernels

Almost all pistachios are dried at very high temperatures. These are dried at about 45C. From a family farm in Nevada. Grown the same as certified organic.

Pumpkin Seeds – Styrian

Superior nutty flavour and very nutritious. Sproutable and delicious, from the Styrian Valley, Austria, Certified Organic. Shown to be effective remedy for parasites, gall bladder, prostate and irritable bowel.

Pumpkin Seeds – Styrian – Sprouted

Soaked to activate enzymes and redried at low temperatures to remain “raw”.

Sprouting Seeds

Great combination of seeds for sprouting. Buy just the mix of seeds or I can demonstrate how to sprout! Sprouts are great as the young plants are full of nutritious enzymes and vitamins. This mix contains lentils, radish, alfalfa, red clover, fengreek, canola and black mustard. Certified Organic.

Sunflower Seeds

Without Shell. These American seeds seem to have nuttier flavour than Chinese imports. We like them soaked for 4 hrs or more and redried to make them easier to digest, more nutritious and tastier. Certified Organic, grown in USA.


A walnut shortage has caused us to offer a darker grade to keep the price low.
Mostly whole halves. Makes the best sprouted nut milk. This year’s crop. Keep Cool. Certified Organic from California Unheated

Walnuts – Sprouted

Soaked for about 24 hrs to activate enzymes and re-dried at low temperature. Makes excellent sprouted nut milk. This year’s crop. Keep Cool. Certified Organic from California Unheated

Dulse Flakes

100% Wild-Crafted Dulse Flakes. Sun dried and produced by experienced hand-harvesters. This process ensures the best select seaweeds are harvested while also being gentle on the ecosystem. Harvested each season off the shores of Bay of Fundy on the east coast of Canada. We choose to sell the superior dulse from Dark Harbour. Dulse Flakes is excellent added to salads or soups. How could you find a delicious food richer in minerals?