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Pura Vida Yoga and Nutrition

Pura Vida is a Costa Rican expression to define their spirit. It’s about living freely and enjoying the purity of life.

The more my clients learn about the power of food, a mental shift takes place. A shift towards rewarding yourself with good quality food and understanding how much vitality it provides. Once you start feeling good and gaining more energy, it becomes hard to eat poorly – imagine that! Pairing that with nourishment for your mind and soul through yoga and meditation is the ultimate goal.

This practice is a process. Everyone is unique and I’m here to uncover where you are at now, what your barriers are and devise a plan to bring your body, mind and soul into balance.

A nourished mind and body is a powerful thing – dream big.

Noushi Fattahi

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (NNCP)

Yoga Instructor

Kelowna Nutritionist Noushi FattahiNoushi is a holistic Registered Nutrition Practitioner and a Certified Yoga Instructor who became passionate about nutrition and its significance on a person’s health after her mother’s battle with cancer and her struggles with the side effect of chemotherapy. She studied Holistic Nutrition at Edison School of Nutrition.  She strives to educate and empower clients so they can make informed health decisions. She coaches diverse individuals and groups including seniors, youth and athletes helping them achieve their health, and fitness goals, She strongly believes in the connection between body, mind and spirit.

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